Yu-Ting Chen


Yu-Ting Chen graduated with a B.Sc. in Geography from the National Taiwan University. Later she went to the University of Reading in England, where she completed her Master’s degree in Environmental Management in 2018. During the studies, she focused on riverine nutrients (e.g. phosphorus and nitrogen) transport, load estimation and high-frequency monitoring data. At the Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research (GLIER), she is currently working with Dr. Crossman and Dr. Weisener, using real-time technologies to understand biogeochemical cycling and ecological interactions across the river-shoreline-lake interface of the Lake Erie, which is in collaboration with the Real-time Aquatic Ecosystem Observation Network (RAEON) programme. In the Weisner lab, she aims to adopt meta-omics approaches to explore microbial communities along the transect of Sturgeon Creek (a strongly human-impacted river) and investigate the interaction with downstream nearshore HABs. Combing the real-time, high-resolution monitoring tools and high-throughput techniques, she hopes to provide a holistic view incorporating abiotic and biotic factors to understand the current drivers of HABs within the Lake Erie shoreline.

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