Recent Publications

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  6. Crossman J., Weisener C.G. (2020) Contaminants of the Great Lakes. Springer Nature.
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  9. Reid T., Droppo I.G., Chaganti S.R., Weisener C.G. (2019) Microbial metabolic strategies for overcoming low-oxygen in naturalized freshwater reservoirs surrounding the Athabasca Oil Sands: A proxy for End-Pit Lakes?Science of the Total Environment 665, 113-124.
  10. Colborne S.F., Maguire T.J., Mayer B., Nightingale M., Enns G.E., Fisk A.T., Drouillard K.G., Mohamed M.N., Weisener C.G., Wellen C., Mundle S.O.C. (2019) Water and sediment as sources of phosphate in aquatic ecosystems: The Detroit River and its role in the Laurentian Great Lakes. Science of the Total Environment 647, 1594-1603.
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  20. Zhou S., Polat A., Longstaffe F., Yang K.G., Fryer B., Weisener C.G. (2016) Formation of the Neoarchean Bad Vermillion Anorthosite complex and spatially associated granitic rocks at a convergent plate margin, Superior Province, Western Ontario, Canada. Gondwana Research. 33, 134-159.
  21. Diloreto Z., Weber P., Weisener C.G. (2016) Solid phase characterization and metal deportment in a Musselshell bioreactor for treatment of AMD, Stockton coal mine, New Zealand. Applied Geochemistry. 67, 133-143.
  22. Franzblau R., Daughney C., Swedland P., Weisener C.G., Moreau M., Johannessen B., Harmer S. (2016) Cu (II) removal by Anoxybacillus Flavithermus-iron oxide composites during the addition of Fe(II). Geochimica Cosmochmica Acta. 172, 139-158.
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