Recent Publications

    1. Reid, T., Droppo, I.G., Weisener, C.G. (2020) Tracking functional bacterial biomarkers in response to a gradient of contaminant exposure within a river continuum. Water research 168, 115-167.
    2. VanMensel, D., Chaganti, S.R., Droppo, I.G., Weisener, C.G. (2019) Exploring bacterial pathogen community dynamics in freshwater beach sediments: A tale of two lakes. Environmental Microbiology
    3. Falk, N., Reid, T., Skoyles, A., Grgicak-Mannion, A., Drouillard, K.G., Weisener, C.G. (2019) Microbial metatranscriptomics investigations across contaminant gradients of the Detroit River. Science of the Total Environment 690, 121-131.
    4. Zhang, Y., Zhang, H., Weisener, C.G. (2019) Total DNA extraction methof of lacustrine sediment based on the biodiversity research in Lake Yangzong, Southwestern China. Basic & Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology 125, 188.
    5. Reid, T., Droppo, I.G., Chaganti, S.R., Weisener, C.G. (2019) Microbial metabolic strategies for overcoming low-oxygen in naturalized freshwater reservoirs surrounding the Athabasca Oil Sands: A proxy for End-Pit Lakes?Science of the Total Environment 665, 113-124.
    1. Colborne, S.F., Maguire, T.J., Mayer, B., Nightingale, M., Enns, G.E., Fisk, A.T., Drouillard, K.G., Mohamed, M.N.,G.Weisener, C.G., Wellen, C., Mundle, S.O.C. (2019) Water and sediment as sources of phosphate in aquatic ecosystems: The Detroit River and its role in the Laurentian Great Lakes. Science of the Total Environment 647, 1594-1603.
    2. Butler, S.C., Pope, J., Chaganti, S.R., Heath, D.D., Weisener, C.G. (2019) Biogeochemical Characterization of Metal Behavior from Novel Mussel Shell Bioreactor Sludge Residues. Geosciences9, 50.
    3. Reid, T., Droppo, I.G., Chaganti, S.R., Weisener, C.G. (2018) Shining light on phototrophic bacteria: a syntrophy of teamwork for hydrocarbon degradation. [Submitted]
    4. Reid, T., Chaganti, S.R., Droppo, I.G., Weisener, C.G. (2018) Novel insights into freshwater hydrocarbon-rich sediments using metatranscriptomics: Opening the black box. Water Research 136, 1-11.
    5. Falk, N., Chaganti, S.R., Weisener, C.G. (2018) Evaluating microbial community and gene regulation involved in crystallization kinetics of ZnS formation in reduced environments. Geochimica Cosmochmica Acta. 220, 201-216. (DG)
    6. Weisener, C.G., Reid, T., (2017) Combined imaging and molecular techniques for evaluating microbial function and composition: A review. Interface Anal. 49, 1416-1421. (DG)
    7. Weisener, C.G., Lee J., Chaganti, S.R., Reid, T., Drouillard, K. (2017) Investigating sources and sinks of N2O expression from freshwater microbial communities in urban watershed sediments., Chemosphere. 188, 697-705 (DG)
    8. Van Mensel, D., Reid, T., Ciborowski, J.J. Weisener, C.G. (2017) Investigating the microbial degradation potential in oil sands fluid fine tailings using gamma irradiation: A metagenomic perspective. Ecology. 74, 362-372 . (CRD)
    9. Reid, T., Boudens, R., Ciborowski, J.J., Weisener, C.G. (2016) Physicochemical gradient, diffusive flux and sediment oxygen demand within oil sands tailings materials from Alberta, Canada Applied Geochemistry. 75, 90-99. (CRD)
    10. Diloreto, Z., Weber P., Olds, W., Pope, J., Trumm, D., Chaganti, S.R., Heath, D., Weisener C.G. (2016) Novel cost effective full scale Musselshell bioreactor for metal removal and acid neutralization. of Environmental Management, 183, 601-612. (Create, DG)
    11. Reid, T., Droppo, I. Weisener, C.G. (2016) Symbiotic relationships of sediment and biofilm dynamics at the sediment water interface of industrial tailing ponds, Water Research, 100, 337-347. (CRD, DG)
    12. Boudens, R., Reid T., VanMensal, D., Prakasan, S., Ciborowski, J., Weisener, C.G. (2016) Bio-physicochemical effects of gamma irradiation treatment for Naphthenic acids in oil sands fluid fine tailings. Science and the Total Environment. 539, 114-124. (CRD)
    13. Zhou, S., Polat, A., Longstaffe, F., Yang, K.G., Fryer, B., Weisener, C.G. (2016) Formation of the Neoarchean Bad Vermillion Anorthosite complex and spatially associated granitic rocks at a convergent plate margin, Superior Province, Western Ontario, Canada. Gondwana Research. 33, 134-159.
    14. Diloreto, Z., Weber P., Weisener C.G. (2016) Solid phase characterization and metal deportment in a Musselshell bioreactor for treatment of AMD, Stockton coal mine, New Zealand. Applied Geochemistry. 67, 133-143. (Create, DG)
    15. Franzblau, R., Daughney C., Swedland P., Weisener, C.G. Moreau M., Johannessen B, Harmer S. (2016) Cu (II) removal by Anoxybacillus Flavithermus-iron oxide composites during the addition of Fe(II). Geochimica Cosmochmica Acta. 172, 139-158 (DG, ERA, MF)
    16. Franzblau, R., Daughney C., Moreau M., Weisener, C.G. (2015) Cu(II) removal by E.coli-iron oxide composites during the addition and oxidation of Fe(II). Chemical Geology, 409, 136-148. (DG, MF, ERA)
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    18. Franzblau, R., Daughney C., Moreau M., Weisener, C.G. (2014)Selenate adsorption to composites of Escherichia coli and iron oxide during the addition, oxidation, and hydrolysis of Fe(II)Chemical Geology 383(15), 180-193. (DG, MF)
    19. Stasik, S. Loick, N., Weisener, C.G., Wendt-Potthof, K. (2014) Understanding biogeochemical gradients of sulfur, iron and carbon in oil sands tailings pond. Chemical Geology 382(29), 44-53. (DG, CRD)
    20. Franzblau, R., Loick,, Weisener, C.G. (2014) Investigating the effects of Se–solid phase substitution in jarosite minerals influenced by bacterial reductive dissolution. Minerals 4(1),17-36.(DG, ERA)
    21. Olds, W.E., Tsang, D.C.W., Weber, P.A., Weisener, C.G. (2013) Nickel and Zinc Removal from Acid Mine Drainage: Roles of Sludge Surface Area and Neutralising Agents, Journal of Mining, vol. 2013, (DG)
    22. Chen, M., Walshe, G., Chi Fru, E., Ciborowski, J., and Weisener, C.G. (2013) Microcosm assessment of the biogeochemical development of sulfur and oxygen in oil sands fluid fine tailings. Applied Geochemistry 37, 1-11.(CRD, DG)
    23. Chi Fru, E., Chen, M., Walshe, G., Penner, T., and Weisener, C.G. (2013) Bioreactor studies predict whole microbial population dynamics in oil sands tailings ponds. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 97(7), 3215-3224. (CRD, DG)
    24. Martin, R., Naftel, S., Doucet, S. M., Hanley, D., and Weisener, C.G. (2013) Synchrotron radiation analysis in the study of pollution in the ring-billed gull (larus delawarensis): a novel application of the technique. Accepted May in X-Ray Spectrometry (DG)
    25. Smeaton, C.M., Walshe, G., Smith, A., Hudson Edwards, K., Dubbin, W., Wright, K., Beale, A., Fryer, J., and Weisener, C.G. 2012 Simultaneous release of Fe and As during reductive dissolution of Pb-As jarosite by Shewanella putrefaciens Environmental Science and Technology, 46(23), 12823-12831. (DG)
    26. Smeaton, C.M., Walshe, G., Fryer, J., Weisener, C.G. (2012) Reductive dissolution of Tl(I) jarosite by Shewanella putrefaciens: providing new insights into Tl biogeochemistry. Environmental Science and Technology, 46(20), 11086-11094. (DG)
    27. Polat, A., Longstaffe, F., Weisener, C., Fryer, B., Frei, and Kerrich, R. (2012) Extreme element mobility during transformation of Neoarchean (ca. 2.7 Ga) pillow basalts to a Paleoproterozoic (ca. 1.9 Ga) paleosol, Schreiber Beach, Ontario, Canada. Chemical Geology, 326-327, 145-173. (DG)
    28. Polat, A., Fryer, B., Samson, I.M., Weisener, C., Appel, P.W.U., Frei, R., and Windley, B.F. (2012) Geochemistry of ultramafic rocks and hornblendite veins in the Fiskenæsset layered anorthosite complex, SW Greenland: Evidence for hydrous upper mantle in the Archean. Precambrian Research, 214-215, 124-153(DG)
    29. Smeaton, C.M., Weisener, C.G., Fryer, B.J. (2012) Comment on the predominance of aqueous Tl(I) species in the river systems downstream from the abandoned carnoules mine (Southern France). Environmental Science and Technology, 46(4) 2473-2474. (DG)
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