Dr. Christopher Weisener

Dr. Christopher Weisener is a Professor at the University of Windsor Ontario. He is an established multidisciplinary researcher at the Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research (GLIER) and is recognized for his contributions in the field of environmental geomicrobiology throughout the world. His research programs link multidisciplinary themes (i.e. microbiology, geochemistry and molecular ecology) within both applied and fundamental research frameworks. Dr. Weisener’s research program is systems based and studies mechanisms that influence the mobility, cycling, and chemical form (bioavailability) of metals and nutrients. In particular, mobility, cycling, and bioavailability of nutrients (e.g. carbon, nitrogen, sulfur and phosphorous) and toxic metals in soils/aqueous sediments under fluctuating redox conditions. To identify factors that facilitate the toxicity of environmental contaminants (or their bioavilability) his research approach incorporates molecular analyses (metagenomic/metranscriptomics) in conjunction with traditional geochemical methods to model non-stressed and stressed watersheds.


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